CloseLietuvos Respublikos vaiko teisių apsaugos pagrindų įstatymo Nr. I-1234 2, 6, 10, 49, 56, 57 straipsnių pakeitimo ir Įstatymo papildymo 2-1 straipsniu įstatymas
Type:LawEnactment date:Feb 14, 2017Valid summary:None
Identification code:2017-02780Number provided by the institution:XIII-204Consolidated version:None
Date of recording in the Register of Legal Acts:Feb 20, 2017Enacted by:Lietuvos Respublikos Seimas
Draft amendments:None
Feb 21, 2017Enters into Force
Feb 20, 2017Paskelbta TAR
Feb 14, 2017Priimtas teisės aktas
Valid from Feb 21, 2017
Published:TAR, Feb 20, 2017, No. 2780
Eurovoc terminology:
family policy
children's rights
child protection
crime against individuals
sexual violence
2826 social affairs
2806 family
1216 criminal law
1236 rights and freedoms
Connection to EU law:None
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