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Type:LawEnactment date:Apr 15, 2004Valid summary:Dec 15, 2018 -
Identification code:1041010ISTA0IX-2135Number provided by the institution:IX-2135Consolidated version:
Date of recording in the Register of Legal Acts:Enacted by:Lietuvos Respublikos Seimas
Draft amendments:None
Nov 20, 2018PakeistaXIII-1661
Jun 27, 2018PakeistaXIII-1300
Dec 19, 2017PakeistaXIII-921
Oct 19, 2017PakeistaXIII-698
Dec 15, 2016PakeistaXIII-105
Oct 11, 2016PakeistaXII-2670
Jun 21, 2016PakeistaXII-2461
May 12, 2016PakeistaXII-2345
Nov 26, 2015PakeistaXII-2086
Jun 25, 2015PakeistaXII-1891
May 14, 2015PakeistaXII-1710
Oct 16, 2014PakeistaXII-1260
Dec 19, 2013PakeistaXII-712
Nov 7, 2013PakeistaXII-579
Nov 6, 2012PakeistaXI-2322
Oct 2, 2012PakeistaXI-2244
Dec 1, 2011PakeistaXI-1763
Jun 28, 2011PakeistaXI-1552
Nov 14, 2008PakeistaX-1835
Nov 6, 2008PakeistaX-1787
Jul 15, 2008PakeistaX-1711
Apr 12, 2007PakeistaX-1092
May 1, 2004Enters into Force
Apr 15, 2004Priimtas teisės aktas
Valid from May 1, 2004
Published:Valstybės žinios, Apr 30, 2004, No. 69-2382
Eurovoc terminology:
satellite communications
electronic mail
telecommunications equipment
communications systems
information processing
data transmission
data protection
technical standard
Community certification
data collection
regulation of telecommunications
electronic equipment
3231 information and information processing
3226 communications
6826 electronics and electrical engineering
3236 information technology and data processing
Connection to EU law:None
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