CloseDėl Ekonominės raidos scenarijaus rengimo ir skelbimo tvarkos aprašo patvirtinimo
Type:ResolutionEnactment date:Apr 13, 2016Valid summary:None
Identification code:2016-09843Number provided by the institution:369Consolidated version:None
Date of recording in the Register of Legal Acts:Apr 18, 2016Enacted by:Lietuvos Respublikos Vyriausybė
Draft amendments:None
Jan 1, 2017Enters into Force
Apr 18, 2016Paskelbta TAR
Apr 13, 2016Priimtas teisės aktas
Valid from Jan 1, 2017
Published:TAR, Apr 18, 2016, No. 9843
Eurovoc terminology:

economic forecasting
economic development
1611 economic growth
1631 economic analysis
Connection to EU law:None
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