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Type:LawEnactment date:Jul 17, 2000Valid summary:Jul 1, 2020 -
Identification code:1001010ISTAIII-1856Number provided by the institution:VIII-1856Consolidated version:
Date of recording in the Register of Legal Acts:Enacted by:Lietuvos Respublikos Seimas
Draft amendments:None
May 7, 2020PakeistaXIII-2907
Jun 29, 2017PakeistaXIII-541
Dec 16, 2014PakeistaXII-1442
Oct 21, 2014PakeistaXII-1287
May 18, 2010PakeistaXI-823
Oct 10, 2000PakeistaVIII-2001
Jul 31, 2000Enters into Force
Jul 17, 2000Priimtas teisės aktas
Valid from Jul 31, 2000
Published:Valstybės žinios, Jul 31, 2000, No. 64-1927
Valstybės žinios, Oct 13, 2000, No. 86-0
Valstybės žinios, Oct 30, 2002, No. 103-0
Eurovoc terminology:
national defence
national security
defence policy
armed forces
military occupation
public safety
military intervention
0431 politics and public safety
0816 international balance
0821 defence
Connection to EU law:None
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