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Type:ResolutionEnactment date:Aug 31, 2004Valid summary:None
Identification code:1041100NUTA00001107Number provided by the institution:1107Consolidated version:
Date of recording in the Register of Legal Acts:Enacted by:Lietuvos Respublikos Vyriausybė
Draft amendments:None
Mar 3, 2017Invalid
Oct 22, 2014Pakeista1130
Nov 24, 2010Pakeista1676
Jun 17, 2009Pakeista642
Sep 5, 2004Enters into Force
Aug 31, 2004Priimtas teisės aktas
Valid from Sep 5, 2004
Not valid from Mar 3, 2017
Published:Valstybės žinios, Sep 4, 2004, No. 135-4900
Eurovoc terminology:
exportation of works of art
work of art
cultural heritage
cultural relations
cultural object
EU Member State
art trade
2831 culture and religion
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